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Renewable Energies

Offshore Wind

We fabricate large and heavy components for wind offshore market. Both single prototypes or, through lean manufacturing case studies, large series of welded and machined parts.

Our facilities, strategically located by Aviles International Port, together with our competitiveness in the manufacturing of big and complex structures, makes us a key partner for the most demanding customers.

  • Stator and rotor for generator
  • Nacelle structures
  • Mooring systems
  • Transition piece (conventional and floating technology)


    Asturfeito is a leading manufacturer of components for Hydro market. Under the design and specifications of our customers we are able to in-house manage the whole fabrication process from welding and machining up to coating, mechanical assembly and testing operations. Fabrication is performed under stringent quality controls to ensure the best performance for our customers.

    Generator components:

    • Rotor hub
    • Stator frame
    • Support Structure
    • Upper and Lower Bracket
    • Brake rings
    • Turbine components
    • Valves and other components

    Wave & TidalAsturfeito participates in R&D projects and cooperates with developers in order to design and fabricate the most efficient solutions with the highest quality standard. Our accumulated know-how with large and complex wind offshore and oil&gas subsea assemblies positions Asturfeito at the forefront of this growing sector.

    • Turbine parts and assemblies
    • Foundations structures
    • Prototypes
    • Mooring systems