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Our presence has increasedin the most innovative industries

The experience of Asturfeito in different areas such as scientific sector, nuclear, petrochemical, renewable energy, industrial plants or iron and steel industry has transformed us in one of the most important and competitive capital goods industry.

In Asturfeito we are able to face any project because it has never been limitations, only infinite possibilities.

Big Science

Man has landed on the Moon, now we can reach the stars

Oil & Gas Offshore and Subsea

Asturfeito makes components for subsea products, offshore platforms and onshore facilities, contributing to the development of sustainable technologies and solutions.

Renewable Energies

Man has invented electric Light. Now we can create the energy of the future


Man has sought to improve. Nowwe can produce energy in a save way


Man has climbed the Everest. Now wecan cross mountains

Aerospace & Defence

We work with leading international companies in the aerospace & defense sector, both for land and sea based systems

Tell us about you project

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